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Gather Nuts Photo Album

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Oh my acorn-loving goodness, those mischievous squirrels are totally feeling the fall vibes! Check out the front cover, it's got a snazzy pullout photo tag just waiting to snuggle up with your fave autumn pic!

With a kaleidoscope of purples, greens, blues, browns, and oranges, this 8x8 album is a real show-stopper. And get this, it comes with 27 photo mats (standard size 4x6), PLUS the photo tag on the cover! Not to mention, the whole thing is adorably decorated with quirky squirrels, yummy acorns, wise old owls, fluttery leaves, and shroom-tastic mushrooms!

It's the perfect album for capturing all your fall adventures and making sure those cheeky squirrels don't steal all the attention!

Graphics by under License # 115040.

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