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Raphael Birthday Card

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Within the enchanted canvas of 5"x7", the spirit of none other than Raphael, the valiant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, springs forth with an energy that could rival the dazzling sun. His emerald-hued skin practically radiates with zestful enthusiasm, ready to deliver an electrifying "Cowabunga!" that echoes through the cosmos.  

But what's a birthday card without its trusty sidekick, the envelope? Fear not, for this masterpiece comes complete with an envelope that's more than just a humble vessel. It's a messenger of dreams, a gateway to a jubilant escapade, and a companion on the journey to the heart of celebration.

So, whether you're sending birthday wishes to a fellow adventurer or displaying this piece of art as a testament to the power of imagination, know that the TMNT Raphael birthday card is a whimsical marvel that transcends dimensions, bringing joy and camaraderie wherever it goes.