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Skye Birthday Card

Scrap Happy Moms

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As if plucked from a storybook, this enchanting creation captures the essence of adventure and friendship, much like the valiant pup Skye from Paw Patrol.   Her rosy aviator goggles and fluffy pink copter blades come to life, ready to whisk you away on a whirlwind journey of joy.

This whimsical wonder measures a perfect 5"x7", a magical window into the world of Paw Patrol and the boundless dreams it inspires. And nestled within its protective embrace, a companion in the form of an envelope, ensuring your precious token of celebration reaches its destination unscathed.

Imagine the delighted smiles and twinkling eyes as the recipient opens this enchanting card. It's more than just a card; it's an ode to the power of imagination, a celebration of the pup-tastic moments that warm our hearts, and a tribute to the adventurous spirit that unites us all.