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Scrap Happy Moms

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Presenting a meticulously crafted masterpiece that encapsulates the spirit of holiday charm and creativity – our handmade 3D paper sleigh adorned with vibrant red and white paper flowers. This enchanting work of art stands at a graceful 10 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 8 inches in height, making it the perfect addition to your festive decor.

What truly sets this piece apart are the exquisite red and white paper flowers delicately arranged inside of the sleigh. These meticulously handcrafted blossoms add a burst of color and vitality, infusing the sleigh with a sense of joy and celebration. The rich red petals and snowy white accents create a harmonious contrast, drawing attention to the intricate details that make this piece truly remarkable.

Whether displayed as a centerpiece on your dining table, nestled in a holiday vignette, or placed atop a mantel, this handmade 3D paper sleigh is sure to captivate the hearts of all who behold it. Its charming design and impeccable craftsmanship make it a unique and cherished addition to your holiday decor, and a testament to the beauty of handcrafted artistry. Embrace the magic of the season with this enchanting paper sleigh, a symbol of tradition and creativity intertwined.